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Bobby at the vet…

Again, the time flew by and it is almost 2 months from my last post. Well, I have an excuse and not just one.

First, it is summer… well it does not fell like summer here, but vacations in sunny and hot Cyprus was just what I needed.

The second reason for my black-out is that just before I went on my holidays, Bobby got really sick. He lost almost 4 kg in 3 weeks. Just to remind you, he had almost 8 kg before that.

We take him to the vet to run some tests… They test his blood for all kind of diseases and it all came back negative and normal. So we got just some pills for him and for Misha as well, if maybe there were some parasites hiding in them. His condition was a little better, but still not great. The vet warn us that it will take time to improve his condition, so we take him to my mom’s house and went to our earned holidays at sunny Cyprus. » Read more