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Tips #4

Cat body language

If you want have good relationship with your cat, it is very important that you understand her body language. Tail and cat ears play a key role in communicating.

It may be hard to believe, but cat ears containing more than 24 muscles, allowing them to move the ears in different directions. While this is being exploited to track sound from different directions, ears play an important role in the expression.

Source: www.catster.com

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Falling down…

Bobby and Misha are inside cats, so they aren’t accustomed of living outside. We live on the first floor, so falling down can be very risky.

Since I have them, we had some problems with that. They say that cats have 9 lives and if count, Bobby only have 6 left and Misha have 7 left. Let me explain 🙂

They just love to sit on the balcony fence and watch people who are walking by the house. Also some birds made their nest on the edge of the roof.

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