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Tips #4

Cat body language

If you want have good relationship with your cat, it is very important that you understand her body language. Tail and cat ears play a key role in communicating.

It may be hard to believe, but cat ears containing more than 24 muscles, allowing them to move the ears in different directions. While this is being exploited to track sound from different directions, ears play an important role in the expression.


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Tips #3

Cat social system

Many people believe that cats are indifferent and selfish animals who are doing just what they want. However, cats in nature often live in families and they have developed a strong social network with each other. Cats find themselves quite well and even though they live in a comfortable home, they never lose their ability to seek their own food and shelter. Cats re-develop a stronger instinct, if for example owners left them and are forced to fend for themselves.

Cat communication

Cats have not lost their communication skills which have been developed in the wilderness. In addition to meows, cats use a lot of signals to communicate. » Read more

Tips #2

Cats communicate with their smell. The most common response of cats, afraid of or otherwise under stress is urinating or extermination. Of course this is extremely inconvenient for the owners, because cats tend to choose a place that smells strongly of their guardian such as bed sheets, shoes, etc..

It is important to determine what is making the cat so uncomfortable so that she/he is doing it. Once you find the cause, you need to reduce it or completely eliminate it and the self-esteem of your cat will be better. » Read more

Tips #1

Every cat needs their own cat litter. So if you have more than one cat, than you need so many litters as you have cats.

When you bring home a cat litter tray, place it in the location, than you fill with sand and leave the cat alone to explore. The toilet should be in a position so that the access is easy and the cat has its own peace. Just like you don’t wan’t anyone to bother you while you are sitting on the toilet and reading newspaper 🙂

I’m using Clean-n-Tidy Corner Hooded Cat Loo, 2 Tone litter boxes, because they are closed and the smell stays inside the box.

You can encourage your cat to use the litter box with putting her/him in the litter every morning and every evening and between after every meal. » Read more