About Bobby & Misha


Born: March 2010 – September 2014
Breed:  Crossed between Persians and Siamese
Gender: Male


Adopted in June 2010 when he was just a little ball of fur. I was planning to adopt his sister, but when I got there with my friend I saw those bright blue eyes, I couldn’t resist taking him home. Even doe the owner said that he is small devil; I still wanted to take him. While I was driving home, he showed me the first signs of his devilish side.

Adjusting to live with Bobby was very exciting. Every night we had to roll ourselves in to blanket, so that Bobby wasn’t seeing any skin. If we just move for an inch, he attacked and we got out of his “play time” all blooded and scratched.

After lots of scratches and damaged furniture he managed to adjust completely. Now Bobby is most adorable cat I ever had.



Born: September 2010
Breed: Crossed
Gender: Female


She was adopted in December 2010 from the shelter. We had some problems when we brought her home, because Bobby was the Alfa male in the house and all of our attention was for him, but then came Misha; shiny, athletic and black female. Misha was happy, because she got warm bed and food, but Bobby didn’t accept her for 2 whole weeks. There was fighting, screaming and scratching all the time.

Misha has some rebellion in herself and this is shown every time someone is trying to pet her. Eventually she became sweet and adorable as she is today.