Visit at my parents…

I have just the most precious nephew and I watch him now and then. We always have so much fun.

His family lives with my parents and they just got 4 little kittens, so adorable. They are about 5 weeks old now.

Mamma cat decided to moved them a few days ago to the garden and the dog spotted them on the way. 3 of them escaped, but one little fellow didn’t make to the other side 🙂 The dog stopped him and they were face to face. Little furry ball was instantly at defence position and some really scary voices came out of his small mouth.

I obviously had to take a picture, before separated them. I know, I am bad, but it was to good to missed it.

cat vs. dog cat vs. dog

After that incident they each have their own territory. I think there will not be any new wars between them.