International cat show…

This weekend was International cat show in Slovenia. Every year the show is a big hit and there are shown over 100 cats from all over the Europe organized by Whiskas.

international cat show

I got tickets and decided to see which cat breeds are being showed this year. When I got there I was really surprised on how well the organisers have made the show.

There were mainly shown Maine coons, Britain Shorthair and Persian cats and all of them were beautiful and most of them really really well fed… I thought that Bobby is fat, but this cats were huge… Well, Maine coons are big cats, but others usually aren’t.

international cat show

Most of the cats didn’t even respond to people in the room, but one of the orange furry pals was really happy if someone was trying to photo him… He was posing right away when I took the first picture…

international cat showAll I can say is well done Whiskas Slovenia… Can’t wait till next year.