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Give us some treats…

It’s not usual for cats to eat directly from the human hand, but I manage to learn my sweethearts to do that…

Almost every night I give them treats to spoil them a little. They usually eat very calm and they are adorable, but sometimes they want to bite my fingers off. This can be very hurtful, but I can forgive them, because they are so sweet.

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Lazy friday…

This week was just exhausting… First two days was raining all day and then foggy like in the middle of the winter. And the temperatures are just awful… Like I already mentioned one time, I really don’t like winter. For me winter is just a big waste of time.

This weather also effect on Bobby and Misha. A lot of whining and meows finally led me to start the heating season… Which means, fireplace is up and running like crazy.

The mood in the house was instantly changed and now we lie, one on each end of the house… Hope Santa gets here soon and brings us a bag full of sunshine and marshmallows 🙂

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