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Take me with you…

I usually have my purse on the dinning table and if it’s there, than probably Misha is also in it…

I don’t know if she wants to go to the coffee with me or is it just because she is a girl… hmmm… definitely the second option – every girl has to have a purse, no matter if she is a cat and no chance to use it…

I have to consider an option to buy one for her… That won’t be weird, right?

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Tips #4

Cat body language

If you want have good relationship with your cat, it is very important that you understand her body language. Tail and cat ears play a key role in communicating.

It may be hard to believe, but cat ears containing more than 24 muscles, allowing them to move the ears in different directions. While this is being exploited to track sound from different directions, ears play an important role in the expression.


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