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Lunch is served…

Bobby and Misha always want to eat exactly like we do, so this picture below is not unusual thing in our home.

I think cats are just like people, always want the thing they can have 🙂

I have to push them off the table and kitchen counter all the time and sometimes it gets frustrating, but they are so adorable that always something small falls on the floor for them and they can eat it.

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Do you need a massage…

I think I don’t need to write a lot regarding this…

Basically Bobby all the time massages the blankets or other soft furry things in the house.

He always massages the blanket for some time and than sleeps on it. Maybe he is practising to become a professional masseur or he just wants to have very soft bed.

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Tips #3

Cat social system

Many people believe that cats are indifferent and selfish animals who are doing just what they want. However, cats in nature often live in families and they have developed a strong social network with each other. Cats find themselves quite well and even though they live in a comfortable home, they never lose their ability to seek their own food and shelter. Cats re-develop a stronger instinct, if for example owners left them and are forced to fend for themselves.

Cat communication

Cats have not lost their communication skills which have been developed in the wilderness. In addition to meows, cats use a lot of signals to communicate. » Read more

Solving crosswords…

I noticed that Bobby is a smart cat at the very first moment I saw him. His devilish eyes and the way he ran up and down the stairs at the shelter. I just knew that it’s not just another ordinary cat.

I just love solving all kinds of crosswords and Bobby always helps me… well not by solving them, but with stealing my pen and lying on the crosswords book.

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Hide and Seek…

Bobby and Misha just love to hide from me, my husband and from each other. It doesn’t matter what is the hiding place, it’s just fun.

Most of the time their hiding place is any kind of box, blanket, plastic bag, pile of clothes or my bag… They wait each other to surprise attack or to attack me…

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