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Falling down…

Bobby and Misha are inside cats, so they aren’t accustomed of living outside. We live on the first floor, so falling down can be very risky.

Since I have them, we had some problems with that. They say that cats have 9 lives and if count, Bobby only have 6 left and Misha have 7 left. Let me explain 🙂

They just love to sit on the balcony fence and watch people who are walking by the house. Also some birds made their nest on the edge of the roof.

See scratch marks on the balcony fence… I really need to repaint the fence 🙂 » Read more

Tips #2

Cats communicate with their smell. The most common response of cats, afraid of or otherwise under stress is urinating or extermination. Of course this is extremely inconvenient for the owners, because cats tend to choose a place that smells strongly of their guardian such as bed sheets, shoes, etc..

It is important to determine what is making the cat so uncomfortable so that she/he is doing it. Once you find the cause, you need to reduce it or completely eliminate it and the self-esteem of your cat will be better. » Read more

Water in the bathroom…

I don’t know if that is common for all cats, but my cats have need to go to the bathroom every time they can.

From the very beginning I showered them, because they are inside cats and I want them to be very clean and smell good. Everyone told me that this will be a big challenge, but they accepted this showering thing very good.

Well, every time the bathroom doors are open, they go inside and just lie on the bathroom floor or in the sink. If by any chance the toilet seat was open, Bobby was drinking water from the toilet.

Fotografije z zvezdico3

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Funny cats…

After some time, today I went on YouTube and search for some funny cat videos.

I realize that if you have time, you can watch them all day long.

Here are some really good and they never get old, despite some of them were posted on-line quite a while ago.

I caught several similarities between videos on YouTube and Bobby’s and Misha’s behaviour. Sadly, I don’t have my camera with me all the time, so I don’t have the videos, but this YouTube videos are the best idea on what is happening in my home.

I have one picture of Bobby, on which is pretending to be a ninja and the first video is perfect to match it.


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And here comes Misha…

I’m back from a short vacation… Clothes are unpacked and washed, so I can continue with my stories.

After a few moths with just Bobby in the house, we have decided that maybe it will be best if we get him some company. I called a friend who is working in a shelter and they have cats from all over the country and some of them from other countries.

We first decided to adopt male cat, just like Bobby, but when we saw Misha, we just couldn’t leave her there. She was sweet little ball of fur and so friendly. Also it was better to adopt female, so that Bobby would still feel like a boss of the house.

Camera Uploads

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Tips #1

Every cat needs their own cat litter. So if you have more than one cat, than you need so many litters as you have cats.

When you bring home a cat litter tray, place it in the location, than you fill with sand and leave the cat alone to explore. The toilet should be in a position so that the access is easy and the cat has its own peace. Just like you don’t wan’t anyone to bother you while you are sitting on the toilet and reading newspaper 🙂

I’m using Clean-n-Tidy Corner Hooded Cat Loo, 2 Tone litter boxes, because they are closed and the smell stays inside the box.

You can encourage your cat to use the litter box with putting her/him in the litter every morning and every evening and between after every meal. » Read more

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