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Bobby at the vet…

Again, the time flew by and it is almost 2 months from my last post. Well, I have an excuse and not just one.

First, it is summer… well it does not fell like summer here, but vacations in sunny and hot Cyprus was just what I needed.

The second reason for my black-out is that just before I went on my holidays, Bobby got really sick. He lost almost 4 kg in 3 weeks. Just to remind you, he had almost 8 kg before that.

We take him to the vet to run some tests… They test his blood for all kind of diseases and it all came back negative and normal. So we got just some pills for him and for Misha as well, if maybe there were some parasites hiding in them. His condition was a little better, but still not great. The vet warn us that it will take time to improve his condition, so we take him to my mom’s house and went to our earned holidays at sunny Cyprus. » Read more

Visit at my parents…

I have just the most precious nephew and I watch him now and then. We always have so much fun.

His family lives with my parents and they just got 4 little kittens, so adorable. They are about 5 weeks old now.

Mamma cat decided to moved them a few days ago to the garden and the dog spotted them on the way. 3 of them escaped, but one little fellow didn’t make to the other side 🙂 The dog stopped him and they were face to face. Little furry ball was instantly at defence position and some really scary voices came out of his small mouth. » Read more

Lazy, lazy,…

I don’t have any smart excuse for not be here so long. Probably because the weather here finally smells like summer, but this is not an excuse…

Well, my precious Bobby and Misha were very active all those months, not. Like usual most of the time they are sleeping their asses off and bug me to give them something to eat every time I came thought the front door. » Read more

Chaotic weather…

I big meoowww to everyone 😉 It’s been a while, I’m very sorry…

As you might heard, last 2 weeks were crazy here in Slovenia. We had our very own Ice age… there was only Scrat missing with his acorns… I don’t afford this to anyone… Sleet, mixed with snow was falling for a few days – I never in my life saw that kind of weather… Trees were breaking all the time, because of the weight… It was really scary…

Sleet in Slovenia

» Read more


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, that is true and my little friends are taking this very serious.

Bobby and Misha have very special ceremony in the morning. First they need eat their food from the can. After this is done, they drink a lot of water and meanwhile I am preparing breakfast for me.

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Holiday food must go…

I hope you all spent the most wonderful and magical holidays. We sure did and as a result to that some unnecessary weight is on our hips 🙁

It’s the 14th of January and it’s about time to start workout and lose some holiday weight.

Misha is absolutely dedicated to this mission, but Bobby is already to fat and he can’t jump and run like Misha does. Bobby’s new year revolution is to sleep and eat more 🙂

sleeping cat » Read more

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